Don't You F With My Energy: Spiritual Tools To Cleanse & Protect Yourself Video Bundle

#SelfishBabe Being aware that energy exists all around you and ways to cleanse your energy is pivotal in you changing your life for the better.

This course teaches you the BASICS of spiritual and energetic protection.

You will learn specific tools to use, why to use them, and then at the end be able to be taken step by step on making your own spiritual cleansing spray with my recipe. You will also receive my spiritual baths 101 Masterclass so you can learn the basics of spiritual bathing.

This video is for you if:

1. You are new to spirituality outside of the Church.

2. You are interested in learning ways to cleanse your aura and space.

3. And want to start cleaning away the old and bringing in the new.

$39.00 USD

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