Are you ready to FINALLY release your ex?

A masterclass on how to release the spiritual connection between you and your ex and ways to move on and move forward.


It's YOUR TIME to move forward and live the life you deserve.

If you have just left a relationship and you are looking to "Detox Your Ex" not only physically out of your life but also spiritually from your system..
This 30-minute video masterclass will go through the spiritual, emotional, and actionable steps you need to take to let go of your ex for good.

You can move on and you will be able to love again.

Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I am the face and wisdom behind #SelfishBabe and the multi-million dollar spiritual woman's wellness company Goddess Detox.

My self-love app SelfishBabe has reached over 190,000 women world-wide with my daily affirmations and self-love reminders. My Apple Top 200 Self-Improvement Podcast The SelfishBabe Selfish Talk podcast has over 500,000 downloads being listened to from women all over the world.

Throughout my years inside my own spiritual journey, I have learned many self love, spiritual practices that honor your power as a woman. Now I teach spiritual self-love practices to women around the world so that they can learn to love themselves selfishly and authentically while creating their dream lives.

I was married at 19 and divorced at 24. I used the steps I am sharing with you in this masterclass for me to officially get over my ex.  I am older now and in a new relationship. You can move on and you will be able to love again.


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