Imagine a life where you KNOW you are That Bitch For Real, For Real. How different would that be for you? 

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The investment options are  $125 weekly for 9 weeks, $225 weekly for 5 weeks, or pay in full $1125 flat. I also have a VIP option of $2525 which gets you everything and 2 private one on one calls with me during the program.

9 week self love program for the woman who desires to put herself as the altar and to start honoring herself as the goddess she is.

We have already begun, if you would like to join my next round of SELFISH AF sign up below to be notified.

Tentative Next Round August 5th, 2021

Selfish AF Academy is for the woman who is ready to go deep into spiritual self-love practices, shift her reality, and tap into her divine femininity to finally embody the selfish babe in her life. 

Does this sound like you, love?

  • Are you always putting other people before your own happiness and because of it you're feeling drained and emotionally exhausted?
  • Are you experiencing self doubt, lack of confidence and because of it you attracting “aint shit relationships”?
  • Are you constantly seeking the reassurance of others and because of it you don't trust yourself to make important decisions?
  • Are you having a hard time speaking nice and positive about yourself?
  • Are you done with being sick and tired of your own bullshit and ready to transform and step into your highest self?

The Selfish AF Academy is for you if you want to live a life knowing who you really are and make choices from an aligned place. 

Take a moment to visualize this..

  • You know how to tap into your pussy power and how to use your vagina to get what you desire.
  • You know how to pray for yourself in a way that’s going to transform your life and attract your manifestations from a place of POWER instead of SCARCITY.
  • You finally feel like that bad b*tch inside of you and tap into your goddess power.
  • You are able to show up as your real self and finally release the mask you’ve been wearing and start living a life with pleasure.
This program has been selectively curated with spiritual lessons, affirmations, prayers, and other spiritual self love resources to help you tap into your pussy power and attract your manifestations.

The Selfish AF Academy has everything you need to:

  • ♡ Release the bad b*tch inside of you
  • ♡ Attract your manifestations from a place of power
  • ♡ Show up as your real self and live a life of pleasure

We have already begun, if you would like to join my next round of SELFISH AF sign up below to be notified.

Tentative Next Round August 5th, 2021

Imagine how different your life can be knowing how to use your pussy power? ♡



In This Episode, You Will Learn How To Pray for Yourself  Using Affirmative Prayer Step by Step. This Is A Spiritual Practice Every Goddess Must Know.



In This Episode, You Will Learn What Spiritual Hygiene Is & How To Keep Yourself Energetically Clean So That You Can Release Shit That Doesn’t Serve You.



In This Episode, You Will Learn How To Build Your Own Altar Dedicated To Yourself. This Is Important In You Becoming The Altar To Be Worshipped.



This Week, We Will Have a BONUS Group Coaching Call. I Will Be Teaching You How To Tap Into Your Desires, As Well As How To Let Go Of Any Guilt or Shame With Being a SelfishBabe.



In This Episode, You Will Learn About The Goddess Oshun, How To Begin Working With Her On Your Self-Love Journey & Why. Learn To Prepare Spiritual Baths For Attracting Sweetness & Blessings.



In This Episode, You Will Learn How To Prepare Your Own Dressed Candle With The Intention of Showing More Love To Yourself.



In This Episode, You Will Learn The Spiritual Aspect Of Your Vagina & Womb & The Power You Carry. Learn About The Power Of Speaking Life Into Your Vagina Using Pussy Affirmations.



In This Episode, You Will Learn How To Tap Into The Energy Of Being THAT BITCH Through Dance & Mirror Gazing & Why This Spiritual Practice Is Important For Attracting What You Want.



This Week We Will Have A BONUS Group Call To Help Integrate What You Just Learned. You Will Also Be Able To Ask Me Any Questions You May Have.

On top of that, you're going to also get access to additional bonuses to self care and nourish yourself even further.. 

2 Group Calls With Me

Instead of learning this on your own you will have 2 live and virtual opportunity to ask me questions on what you are learning and a LIVE lesson.

$4,000 value

Pussy Affirmations

My Pussy Is Golden - 15 Pussy Affirmations To Enhance Your Pussy Power by Olanikee Osibowale

$1,000 value

Prayer Workbook

How To Pray For Your Damn Self Workbook: The Step by Step Process To Pray From a Place Of Power

$1,000 value

Community Facebook Group

A community you can go to and access when you'd like that is filled with other like-minded individuals.

$2,000 value


Embody being the SELFISHBABE in your own life with my signature, spiritual self love practices. ♡

"You always know exactly what to say"

I love listening to you. You always know exactly what to say to get me through tough times in life. I love the fact that I can relate and actually understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. I just want to say keep doing you, being great, and helping woman like me find that inner woman strength that allows me to keep fighting and to never give up no matter how heavy this world may feel on me at the moment.

"Definitely making an impact in people's lives!"

Thank you! I recently discovered your app and podcasts earlier this month and I've noticed such a positive different in several aspects of myself. Your work is very appreciated and is definitely making an impact in people's lives!

"This is gods sent"

...I am a woman who suffers from many insecurities and low self esteem but coming across this app including the podcast has helped me embrace the true beauty within myself. I keep it close, keep the quotes, and selfish truths close by. This is gods sent.

"I'm now stronger and more powerful"

I love selfish babes, whenever I'm having a rough day or feeling like my vibration is low I go look on the selfish babe app, listen to a selfish babe podcast or go to Instagram and read what the Queen of selfish babe has said for the day. I found this app at a time when I was struggling really hard to love myself. I'm now stronger and more powerful since I've learn to become a selfish babe. You should become one too!
  • 9 Weeks of Recorded Spiritual Lessons (Valued at $10,000)
  • Lifetime Access (Valued at $5,000)
  • BONUS: 2 Virtual Live Group Calls (Valued at $4,000)
  • BONUS: Prayer and Affirmation Workbooks (Valued at $2,000)
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group (Valued at $2,000)

We have already begun, if you would like to join my next round of SELFISH AF sign up below to be notified.

Tentative Next Round August 5th, 2021

Imagine how more confident you can be because you are taking the time to learn spiritual self love practices that will have you worshipping the goddess that you are. 

Meet Olanikee ♡

Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I am the face and wisdom behind #SelfishBabe and the multi-million dollar spiritual woman's wellness company Goddess Detox.

My self-love app  SelfishBabe has reached over 190,000 women world-wide with my daily affirmations and self-love reminders. My Apple Top 200 Self-Improvement Podcast The SelfishBabe Selfish Talk podcast has over 500,000 downloads being listened to from women all over the world.

Now I am ready to accept the women who wish to dive deeper into their self-love practices.

With me, it’s more then painting your toes and taking a bubble bath. It’s about providing you with the spiritual tools you need to succeed as the goddess you are.

Every woman is innately powerful in her own way. It’s just that, historically women’s innate powers have been stripped and erased from the public.

Throughout my own spiritual journey, I have learned many practices that honor your power as a woman. I call them spiritual self-love practices and they are something I have been doing for 6 years now.

My spiritual self-love practices have elevated me as a woman. I am a living goddess. I know myself. I am sure of myself. I pray for myself and I am a spiritual woman.

I want to teach you how you can become the same in your own way.


Imagine living life being a BLESSING to yourself rather than a detriment to yourself?


Imagine how much more you can attract and create because you know how to pray for yourself from a place of power rather than desperation.

I'M IN! ♡

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