Are you ready to recommit to yourself?

An e-book filled with prayers for the unmotivated and just tied out there. It's time to recommit to you.


There is MORE out there for you and your life. It's your turn to claim it.

Sometimes life gets hard. 

You lose the motivation to keep going after your dreams and goals. You fight internally with yourself and you're pushing against something you can't quite put your finger on.

Inside you will get many pages of affirmative prayers to speak over yourself & life to help you realign to your dreams and goals.


I want to help you to remember or continue to remember that the IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE for you.

Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I am the face and wisdom behind #SelfishBabe and the multi-million dollar spiritual woman's wellness company Goddess Detox.

My self-love app SelfishBabe has reached over 190,000 women world-wide with my daily affirmations and self-love reminders. My Apple Top 200 Self-Improvement Podcast The SelfishBabe Selfish Talk podcast has over 500,000 downloads being listened to from women all over the world.

Every woman is innately powerful in her own way. It’s just that, historically women’s innate powers have been stripped and erased from the public.

Throughout my own spiritual journey, I have learned many practices that honor your power as a woman. I call them spiritual self-love practices and they are something I have been doing for 6 years now.

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