A 5 Day Challenge created and hosted by #SelfishBabe CEO Olanikee Osibowale to help you focus on yourself, believe in yourself again, and LOVE YOURSELF.

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In my 5 Day Self-Love Getting On My Shit Challenge we are reconnecting to ourselves, our real selves, our dreams, remembering what the fuck we wanted, and feeling motivated to go out and do that thing again. 

We are remembering how fabulous we are. 

How amazing we can be and how we are diamonds meant to shine. 

I am so grateful to be hosting another LIVE 5 Day Self-Love Challenge in our space. Our space is away from the noise and distraction of the world but space for us to just be honest together. 

Re-aligning to the love I have for myself has strengthened me over time. 

Connecting back to myself, listening to myself, sharing myself with myself… it’s been worth it. Because of it, I can show up and still do major things scared as shit lol. Like opening up my first real warehouse didn’t wanna do it, scared as fuck to do, but a bitch did it lol.

You want to take the time to connect back to yourself. 

You want to see what it would be like if you went all-in on yourself. 

It feels good that you can do this in a community of women who also want to go all-in on themselves. 

What if you weren’t the mom anymore, the sister, the friend, but just you, free of attachments to the other labels we do love but could sometimes take a break from? 

What you would you discover? …

What if you had the chance to find out the you under these labels and because of it, you remembered that thing you wanted for yourself but put off and now something has shifted inside of you because of your reconnection to self, so now you’re doing the THING you wanted? 

Wouldn’t that be nice?

It’s possible. And it's something to discover during my 5 Day Self-Love Getting On My Shit Challenge. 

Over 500 SelfishBabes around the world have taken my 5 Day Getting On My Shit, Self Love, SelfishBabe Challenge. You can be next.

What Happens After Signing Up & During The Challenge:

You will receive an email with items needed for the challenge.

You watch, you do the activity, you share what you're willing to share in the comment section of the challenge and you learn, grow, gain perspective and get what you need from the challenge.



Click Here To Join The Challenge
Click Here To Join The Challenge

Meet Olanikee ♡

Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I am the face and wisdom behind #SelfishBabe and the multi-million dollar spiritual woman's wellness company Goddess Detox.

My self-love app  SelfishBabe has reached over 190,000 women world-wide with my daily affirmations and self-love reminders. My Apple Top 200 Self-Improvement Podcast The SelfishBabe Selfish Talk podcast has over 500,000 downloads being listened to from women all over the world.

Now I am ready to accept the women who wish to dive deeper into their self-love practices.

With me, it’s more then painting your toes and taking a bubble bath. It’s about providing you with the spiritual tools you need to succeed as the goddess you are.

Every woman is innately powerful in her own way. It’s just that, historically women’s innate powers have been stripped and erased from the public.

Throughout my own spiritual journey, I have learned many practices that honor your power as a woman. I call them spiritual self-love practices and they are something I have been doing for 6 years now.

My spiritual self-love practices have elevated me as a woman. I am a living goddess. I know myself. I am sure of myself. I pray for myself and I am a spiritual woman.

I want to teach you how you can become the same in your own way.

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